Salam Panja


Details :

Botanical Name : Dactylorhiza hatagirea

English Name : Marsh Orchis

Kashmiri Name : Salem Panja

Urdu Name : Salap

Common Name : Himalayan Marsh Orchid, Marsh Orchis


Part Used : Roots, Tubers


Medicinal Uses :

  • Tubers are used as nervine aphrodisiac and tonic. It is also used to treat wounds, cough, cuts and anemia.
  • Root powder is unfold on wounds to control bleeding, and decoction of root is utilized in treating stomach troubles.
  • Tuberous roots are tonic, powdered and mixed with water, and applied as a disinfectant on wounds, particularly those resulting from burns.
  • The tuber yields salap and is putative as expectorant, aphrodisiac and as nervine tonic.
  • Tuberous roots are eaten raw or with honey or milk, as an vital tonic and a aphrodisiac : it’s paste is applied on cuts and wounds for speedy healing.
  • Young shoots and leaves are eaten as vegetable. Root paste is commonly used in promoting growth and blackness of hair.


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