Khatmi Seed


Details :

Botanical Name : Althaea officinalis

Arabic Name : Al-ghasool, bazarul khatme, gulkhairo, khitmi

Common Name : Marshmallow, Gulkhairo

English Name : Althaea, marsh mallow, marshmallow, mortification root, sweetweed

Urdu Name : Gul-i-khitmi,  guli kheri, khatme, khatmi


Part Used :  Root, Leaves, Flowers


Medicinal Uses :

  • It is extremely helpful in dry cough, bronchial catarrh, bronchial asthma and pleurisy.
  • Roots are used to cure excess stomach acid, gastritis, peptic ulceration, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Mouthwash prepared from roots is used in inflammations. Infusion of flowers is used to appease inflamed skin.
  • Dried roots are used as a toothbrush and is chewed by teething children.


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