Kansi Seed


Details :

Botanical Name : Cichorium intybus

Latin Name : Kasani, Hinduba, Kasni

Urdu Name : Kasni, Tukhme-Kasni, Barg-e-Kasni

English Name : Chicory, Succory, Blue Sailor, Radicchio

Arabic Name : Hindyba, Shikoryah, Siris, Kasiniyah, Hindiba, Tukhme Kasni


Parts Used :  Flower, Seed, Leaf, Root


Medicinal Uses :

  • One of the foremost functions of chicory is to extend the body’s ability to soak up calcium. This mineral is incredibly essential to keep up robust teeth and healthy skeletal system.
  • Regular use of chicory roots, in the form of liver tonic, is found to be useful for women suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • It helps by maintaining a balance in the hormone level of the body and assuaging the symptoms related to the condition.
  • The herb is incredibly necessary for the right functioning of the urogenital system, because it helps to detoxify and cleanse the treact.
  • The leaves of chicory may additionally be used as compresses to be applied outwardly to ease skin inflammations and swellings.
  • As a gentle diuretic, it will increases the elimination of fluid from the body, resulting in its use as a treatment for rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Root Chicory contains volatile oils almost like those found in plants in the related genus tanacetum which incorporates golden buttons, and is equally effective at eliminating enteric worms.
  • The root and the leaves are appetizer, digestive depurative, cholagogue, hypoglycaemic, diuretic, laxative and tonic.


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