Fil Fil Daraz


Details :

Botanical Name : Piper Cubeba

Urdu Name : Filfil daraz, pipul

English Name : Balinese pepper, Jaborandi pepper, Bengal pepper

Hindi Name : Pipal, Pippli


Parts Used :  Roots and fruits


Medicinal Uses :

  • Pippli induces proper secretion of digestive juices so it is very useful in loss of taste and indigestion.
  • Chemical composition of chavya is quite similar to that of maricha so its usefulness is similar to that of maricha (Piper nigrum)
  • Pippli corrects the metabolism thus benefits in metabolic disorders like obesity, rheumatic conditions etc.
  • Pippli improves the working of the liver.
  • Pippli works well in hemorrhoids and other diseases of Ano rectal region.
  • Pippli powder should be taken with pippli powder in hemorrhoids.
  • Pippli is a very good medicine for chronic but non-febrile conditions. Half a gram of its dired powder should be taken twice a day with a little jaggery.
  • One gram each of the harad and pippli powder (if taken twice daily mixed with honey), is a good recipe for the patients who complain of passing incomplete and mucous-mixed stool serveral times in a day.
  • People, who have gas formation and abdominal distention with the intake of milk, are advised to boil a small piece of pipali along with milk.
  • Pipali is also helpful in sporadic chest infections and sinus problems. It can be taken half to one gram twice a day with honey.


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