Details :

Botanical Name : Chinamomum Zeylanicum

Urdu Name : Dalchini

Arabic Name : Querfa

English Name : Cinnamon


Parts Used :  Bark, Powder, Leaf, oil


Medicinal Uses :

  • Dalchini are used as a natural sweetner in diabetes mellitus.
  • Dalchini ought to be chewed or gargled (Decoction of Dalchini) in bad breath, cavities in teeth and bad taste in mouth.
  • Dalchini used for mouth wash in bad breath and keeps teeth healthy.This is often done by chewing of cinnamon.
  • Chewing of Dalchini helps in nausea.
  • Dalchini paste is applied in skin diseases like skin tags and moles etc.
  • Dalchini oil relieve pain and inflammation caused due to scorpion bite.
  • Dalchini is also used for lowering cholesterol, weight and diabetes.


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