Details :

Botanical Name : Buchanania cochinchinensis

Common Name : Chironji Tree, Almondette, Cheronjee

Hindi Name : Chironji

Urdu Name : Chironji


Parts Used : Fruit, Seed


Medicinal Uses / Benefits :

  • Chironji are used as toppings in cake and add flavor to desserts and sometimes used to thicken meats and gravy.
  • Chironji is a perfect replacement for almonds because the oil that is extracted from the charoli has more household utility and medicinal properties as compared to the almond oil.
  • The bark of the charoli tree generates a juice known as tannin which is used in the leather industry as well as in making wine and beer, and other pharmaceutical products.
  • Chironji is also mixed with cow milk for better taste and acts as a disinfectant.
  • The juice that is extracted from the chironji helps to treat diarrhea and chest pain.
  • Chironji is a perfect ointment for skin and helps to restore the glow of the skin event at old age.
  • Chironji acts as a tonic and releases fatigue. Chironji also helps one feel reenergized and has cardio-tonic properties. Chironji helps to treat wounds.
  • The charoli seeds also act as a brain tonic and are useful in many genito-urinary problems like gleet etc.
  • The Chironji seeds are mostly crushed and mixed with milk to make face-pack which when applied on a regular basis gives a rare glow to the skin. The chironji nuts are full of vitamins and minerals, and are beneficial for skin and hair.
  • Chironji seeds scrubs are highly beneficial for doing away with facial hair. Even if they do grow back, they will be the same color as your skin and won’t be noticeable.
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