Details :

Arabic Name : Tashmeezaj, Shishm

English Name : Absus Seeds

Urdu Name : Chaksu


Part Used : Seed


Medicinal Uses :

  • Seeds and leaves are used for treatment of asthma, anemia and hiccups.
  • The Seeds extract is used to purify blood and to treat mucous disorders. A decoction of the seeds is used to treat certain eye diseases.
  • The baked, powdered seed kernels are used in the treatment of ophtlialmia.
  • The bitter, astringent leaves are used as a purgative and as a remedy for asthma, cough and bronchitis.
  • Application of the powdered leaves is reported to heal venereal ulcers and hemorrhoids.
  • Seeds and leave are used as a cathartic in cases of habitual, and for the treatment of ringworm, Vinereal ulcers and other skin diseases, for relieving pains, leucoderma, headache, hemorrhoids and as an anthel-mintic.
  • A plaster made from seeds is recommended as an application to wound and sores especially of the penis.


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