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Modern medical science certainly comes with a high price tag, and pharmaceuticals are no exception. One reason why herbal medicine is becoming more popular recently is because people simply can’t afford to pay for their medication month after month. Herbs are used for the treatment of chronic and acute conditions and various ailments, including major health concerns like cardiovascular disease, prostate problems, depression, inflammation and weakened immune system.

Yousuf Lodhi Herbalist

Welcome! At Lasani Herbal Clinic, you will find the highest quality natural medicine based upon my huge experience of many years.

I say with confidence that these natural herbal products will give you relief and make you healthy.

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  • Salim Wasih
    Being a heart patient i was waiting for my by pass surgery. But my friend advised me to use the Akseer-E-Qalb of Lasani Herbal Clinic. And now I am fit and fine without any surgery.
    Salim Wasih
  • Samina Altaf
    Due to so much pain in my knees and joints I was unable to carry out my daily tasks as a housewife. But after using Lodhi Osteo Relief I have no more pains now.
    Samina Altaf
  • Yasir Bajwa
    I was the patient of Diabetes for last 15 years. But after taking the medicine of Lasani Herbal Clinic, Akseer-E-Ziabaties, I am now feeling too much better and healthy.
    Yasir Bajwa
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